Kipissafarit is company organizing safaris and other activities. It is the only local outdoor activities company in Kilpisjärvi and it has been established in 1995.

We in Kilpissafarit rent snowmobiles and other trekking gears needed in the Kilpisjärvi area. We organize tours and safaris for example to Halti, the highest peak of Finland, and to the other locations in the wilderness area of Kilpisjärvi. The trips are organized during both summer and winter seasons. With us you have a chance to fish in the best fishing waters of Kilpisjärvi wilderness area. Kilpissafarit also have a rentable fishing camp in Luohtojärvi, which is one of the best fishing lakes in the area to catch arctic char.

Kilpissafarit is established by Hannu Rauhala, who was working as a border guard in Kilpisjärvi since 1973. Nowadays Kilpissafarit is run by his children, Johanna Rauhala-Siivonen and Jussi Rauhala. In addition to Hannu, Johanna, and Jussi, Kilpissafarit have several local guides, who know the area and the quickly changing conditions extremely well.

If you want to get familiar with Kilpissafarit, the owner Jussi, and also the winter landscapes of the area, you can have a look at the video linked below. It has been made in 2014 by

At the top with snowmobile man

Kilpisjärvi is a tiny arctic village located in northwestern Lapland, about 400 kilometers above Arctic Circle. It is surrounded by the highest peaks of Finland, including Mount Halti (1324 m) on the border of Finland and Norway.There are about one hundred permanent residents in the village.

Kilpisjärvi landscape is characterized by Saana, the sacred fell of Sami. In the horizon of Kilpisjärvi one can see snow covered fells of Sweden and Norway. The border marker of three Nordic nations is located just 15 kilometers from Kilpisjärvi village and Kilpissafarit office.


If you are looking for the best of Lapland, your destination has to be Kilpisjärvi. Kilpisjärvi is a great starting point for hiking and snowmobile excursions. You can conquer the highest fells of Finland, including Mount Halti, and visit Norway and the Arctic Ocean.

Or would you rather go ice-fishing? How about visiting a Sami village in the middle of wilderness? Or would you prefer following a Sami reindeer herder to the fells to see reindeer in their natural habitat? Rent a snowmobile or take a guided tour with Kilpissafarit.

Kilpissafarit is ready to help you with all of these wishes for trips and adventures in the arctic Finland. The pages under the activities give you more information about the activities and safaris on the program at the moment. And if the activity you are looking for is not mentioned under the activities, do not hesitate to contact Kilpissafarit for a possibility to arrange a taylor made program for you.

The rates given for the activities include complete thermal clothing during programs, hot coffee/tea and snack, guide services, VAT and insurance.

Winter tours are carried out during snow-season, about 1.12. – 30.4. All tours weather permitting. Minimum 4 participants, if less ask for an offer.

On the border of three nordic countries



The following terms apply to all activities and services sold and provided by Kilpissafarit LP.


The prices and descriptions of the programmes and services offered by Kilpissafarit LP are descripted in product cards. Prices include value added tax. Kilpissafarit reserves the right to price adjustments, for example, in case of changes in Vat percentage.

1.1 Booking

The booking is binding regardless of whether it is verbal agreement or in writing (Kilpissafarit web shop or e-mail). The booking is confirmed when the reservation is paid, unless otherwise agreed in writing or by email.

1.2 Cancellation

The cancellation must be sent in writing to including the name of the customer, the date of the booking and the product identification. Kilpissafaris confirms cancellations by e-mail.

1.3 Cancellation policy

• Refund 100 % of payment if cancellation is made 7 days prior to start of the booked service
• No refund of payment if cancellation is made less than 7 days before the booked service
• Refund 100 % of payment If Kilpissafarit makes cancellation due to hazardous weather or other compelling reasons

1.4 Changes to the reservation

Changes concerning the confirmed booking must be sent in writing to including the name of the customer, the date of the booking and the product identification. Kilpissafaris confirms changes by e-mail according to our booking terms.

1.5 Language of service

Activities are guided in English and /or Finnish.


Kilpissafarit is not responsible for accidents or damages caused by irresponsibility or negligence on the part of the customer. The customer must follow guides´ instructions during activities. Customer is responsible for compliance with the given schedule. In particular, the time difference between Finland and Norway and Sweden must be taken into account. Kilpissafarit is entitled to charge the costs caused by customer´s negligence.
Some of the activities offered by Kilpissafarit are physically challenging. Pregnant and physically disabled customers participate in the programme at their own risk. If health issues require special arrangements (for example additional transport), Kilpissafarit will not cover additional costs.

Kilpissafarit reserves the right to utilize photos and video material recorded during the activities without a separate permission. Kilpissafarit can use photos and video material in their publications or in social media. If customer doesn´t want to appear in any recordings he/she must notify us at in advance by attaching a recognizable image for identification. The image is handled confidentially and only for identification purposes.

Customer exempts Kilpissafarit LP, its staff and employees from any damage and accident resulting from customer negligence and violation of these terms and conditions.


Kilpissafaris always carries out damage and accident prevention, contingency planning, lawfulness, and safety regulations in accordance with Finnish law and industry standards. Kilpissafarit is not responsible for insurmountable or unexpected situations. These include, for example, natural disasters, hazardous weather conditions, transmissible diseases and epidemics, strikes, etc. Kilpissafarit is responsible for informing customers and for minimizing any inconvenience.

Kilpissafarit reserves the right to change routing or content of activities depending on weather conditions or customer comfort. Kilpissafarit LP reserves the right to suspend any activity if the customer poses a risk to himself or to others.

Kilpissafarit LP is liable for personal injuries which occur during the scheduled programs and are caused by the negligence of Kilpissafarit staff. Kilpissafarit is not liable for accidents or damages covered by personal travel insurance.


Kilpissafarit LP liability insurance covers personal and property damage. The insurance company is A-Vakuutus Oy.

Traffic insurance (motor vehicles) covers personal injuries and damages to the other party. In the case of an accident, injured person will receive medical care according to Finnish traffic Insurance Act. The insurance does not cover any damage caused intentionally or negligently. Customers are liable for damages caused to snowmobiles. The maximum liability is € 1,000 per damage. Snowmobile driver must be at least 15 years of age and present an applicable driver’s license. Finnish law prohibits driving snowmobile under influence. Kilpissafarit recommends customers to obtain personal travel insurance.


Both parties are released from their responsibilities in Force majeure cases, such as weather conditions, lack of snow or natural disasters. In case of Force Majeure, both parties must inform each other as soon as possible and keep each other up to date as the situation progresses. The parties must act to minimize the inconveniences caused by Force Majeure situations.


Our terms and conditions are in accordance with Finnish law and jurisdiction. Disputes are primarily settled through negotiation. If disagreements are brought to court, a lawsuit must be filed at the nearest district court (Lapin Käräjäoikeus).

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