Conquering Saana

Located at the edge of the Scandies mountain range, Saana is the most famous fell in Finland. Its peak rises to 1029 metres above sea level. The first leg of the trip is a slow rise amongst birches. From the tree line the rise steepens and a rocky path leads the way to the peak of Saana, from which there is an incredible view in all directions.

Rate: Trekking 84 € per person

Duration 4-5 hours

The price include warm juice and snacks and guides, insurance and VAT. The guides will take photographs which are available to the customers free of charge. The prices include pick up from accommodation within the Kilpisjärvi area. The guides speak Finnish and English.

Available between 1.Jun to 10.Oct

The rates mentioned are for a minimum of three participants, for smaller numbers ask for an offer.

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