A fishing tour to the Arctic Ocean

A fishing trip heads to the Arctic Ocean some 60 km from Kilpisjärvi. The most common catches are cod and saithe. The trip suits well for the whole family, as there is a beach with unique stones and seashells waiting to be discovered. While fishing we’ll roast some sausages by the campfire.

Rate: Ride 95 € per person

Duration 5-6 hours

The price include fishing gear, snacks, transportation and guides, insurance and VAT. The guides will take photographs which are available to the customers free of charge. The prices include pick up from accommodation within the Kilpisjärvi area. The guides speak Finnish and English.

The tours are available during summer, approximately from the beginning of June until the end of November. All tours are arranged in accordance to weather conditions. The rates mentioned are for a minimum of three participants, for smaller numbers ask for an offer.

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