If you are looking for the best of Lapland, your destination has to be Kilpisjärvi. Kilpisjärvi is a great starting point for summer and winter time activities. You can conquer the highest fell of Finland, Mount Halti, visit to the most silent three countries border mark and visit the Arctic Ocean in Norway.

Or would you rather go ice-fishing? Our fishing tours makes you familiar with the best traditional fishing methods in Finland. You can rent a snowmobile or take a guided tour with Kilpissafarit.

Kilpissafarit is ready to help you with all of these wishes for tours and adventures in the arctic Finland.
And if the activity you are looking for is not mentioned, do not hesitate to contact Kilpissafarit for a possibility to arrange a taylor made program for you.


Snowmobile safaris, northern lights tours, wilderness aurora camp, ice fishing & reindeer programs, snowshoeing and much more.


For observing the northern lights, Kilpisjärvi is the best location in Finland with its daily 70 % chance of the northern lights to appear.


Fishing tours, Northern lights tours,
guided tours to Halti, Fatbiking, vistiting the Arctic ocean and much more.


How about guided snowmobile tour or would you like to rent snowmobile without guide? We have many options available for you.


Kilpissafarit has rental services in Kilpisjärvi. You can rent snowmobiles, top quality equipment for hiking, camping and fishing. Combine equipment rental with snowmobile transportation for special price.


The snowmobiler trails in Kilpisjärvi area are free to use for everyone who have acquired the track licenses for the area. Driving snowmobile on The fell area between Kilpisjärvi and Halti is allowed only in the company with certified guide. Kilpissafarit offers local certified guides. Ask an offer. Ask Kilpissafarit to organize transportation for skis, transportation of passengers, hiking gear and fishing equipment. There are also other locations worth visiting in the Kilpisjärvi area during summer and winter. In addition to the aforementioned trips we also offer tailored tours to offer different levels of challenge according to the wishes of the customers


With us you have a chance to fish in the best fishing waters of Kilpisjärvi wilderness area. Kilpissafarit also have a rentable fishing camp in Luohtojärvi, which is one of the best fishing lakes in the area to catch arctic char.

“Really knowledgeable guides and we’ll organised.”

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