If you are looking for the best of Lapland, your destination has to be Kilpisjärvi. Kilpisjärvi is a great starting point for hiking and snowmobile excursions. You can conquer the highest fells of Finland, including Mount Halti, and visit Norway and the Arctic Ocean.

Or would you rather go ice-fishing? How about visiting a Sami village in the middle of wilderness? Or would you prefer following a Sami reindeer herder to the fells to see reindeer in their natural habitat? Rent a snowmobile or take a guided tour with Kilpissafarit.

Kilpissafarit is ready to help you with all of these wishes for trips and adventures in the arctic Finland. The pages under the activities give you more information about the activities and safaris on the program at the moment. And if the activity you are looking for is not mentioned under the activities, do not hesitate to contact Kilpissafarit for a possibility to arrange a taylor made program for you.

Winter activities

Northern lights tours, wilderness aurora camp, ice fishing & reindeers,
transportation to the fells and snowmobile, quipment & thermal clothing rental

Summer activities

Fishing tours, Northern lights tours,
guided tours to Halti, trekking and Bicycle / Fatbike rentals

"If you are in Kilpisjärvi, and following for adventures, Kilpissafarit is a very good choice! You can visit the triple border by snowmobile, or see reindeer farm, or even rent snowshoes for trekking over the lake!"

"This was the most awesome adventure - if you're in the area! The employees at the company was extremely helpful, and gave great advice on where to drive/what areas to explore. The price is very reasonable. You can rent all clothing at the store. Go - you'll never regret it!"