Kilpisjärvi webcam

On this page you can see webcam photos from Kilpisjärvi updated once a minute. Pictures are updated automatically, but if you are using Google Chrome web browser you can update pictures by pressing CTRL+F5 or keeping CTRL-button pressed when reloading the page.

The webcams from Saana and Paras are showing pictures during light hours. In winter time only during few hours a day, in summer throughout the day.

The northern lights webcam is updated during the dark times from the beginning of September to beginning of April.


Kilpisjärvi and Paras

View from Kilpissafarit towards Kilpisjärvi, Koltalahti and Mount Paras in Norway. Click the image to see it larger.

Kilpisjärvi webcam



View from Kilpissafarit towards Saana fell. Click the image to see it larger.

Saana webcam


Northern Lights Webcam

Northern lights camera shows the whole sky above Kilpisjärvi. In the picture the North is on top (Saana and radio mast in Saana can be seen in the top part) and West is on the left. Camera starts when the Sun sets 10 degrees below horizon and take images every 10 seconds. Images are uploaded to the webpage once in a minute. Camera is switched off in the dawn when it is too light for northern lights. A time-lapse video is created of the images from each night, and the selected ones are uploaded to Kilpissafarit YouTube channel.


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  1. Markku Paltola

    Terve. Voisitteko laittaa tuon revontulikameran päälle? Tuolla fb:n “Aurora alerts in Finland” ryhmässä käyvät jo kuumana reposten perään ja ajattelin linkittää teidän kameran sinne. Hyvää talven odotusta.
    Markku Paltola

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