Kipissafarit is company organizing safaris and other activities. It is the only local outdoor activities company in Kilpisjärvi and it has been established in 1995.

We in Kilpissafarit rent snowmobiles and other trekking gears needed in the Kilpisjärvi area. We organize tours and safaris for example to Halti, the highest peak of Finland, and to the other locations in the wilderness area of Kilpisjärvi. The trips are organized during both summer and winter seasons. With us you have a chance to fish in the best fishing waters of Kilpisjärvi wilderness area. Kilpissafarit also have a rentable fishing camp in Luohtojärvi, which is one of the best fishing lakes in the area to catch arctic char.

Kilpissafarit is established by Hannu Rauhala, who was working as a border guard in Kilpisjärvi since 1973. Nowadays Kilpissafarit is run by his son Jussi Rauhala. In addition to Hannu and Jussi, Kilpissafarit have several local guides, who know the area and the quickly changing conditions extremely well.

If you want to get familiar with Kilpissafarit, the owner Jussi, and also the winter landscapes of the area, you can have a look at the video linked below. It has been made in 2014 by web site.

At the top with snowmobile man

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