Luminous Kilpisjärvi -transport

Luminous Kilpisjärvi – The world largest light installation in Saana-fell in Kilpisjärvi


Join us on a snowmobile sledge to enjoy the world largest light installation, Luminous Kilpisjärvi, from the best location in Kilpisjärvi-lake. This light installation is organized only once to celebrate Finnish 100-year anniversary!

Luminous Kilpisjärvi

If weather and ice-conditions are permitting,  the trip is made to other side of the Kilpisjärvi-lake, to Swedish side. This is the location where you have the best view for the whole light installation.

Schedule and rate:

  • 4th and 5th December 2017
  • Start times: with two hour intervals, at 17:00, 19:00, 21:00
  • Return times: from the viewing location, at 18:00, 20:00, 22:00
  • Starting location: Kilpissafarit, Tsahkalluoktantie 14
  • Rate: 45 € / person

The rate includes woolsocks, rubber boots, warm overall, mittens, balaclava, and helmet. Reindeer skins will be in the viewing location to warm up and to sit on. Coffee, tea, or warm juice, and sausages that you can prepare by yourself on a open fire in the viewing location, are also included to the rate.

If you are interested, please make the reservation as early as possible!

Additional information and reservations:

Jussi Rauhala
Tsahkalluoktantie 14
99490, Kilpisjärvi
+358 40 5455 123 / Jussi

The polar night is coming


Kilpisjärvi is still fighting against the ice, even though the smaller lakes like Siilasjärvi on the background on this photo are already frozen. Unfortunately there is only a few centimeters of snow, so we are really hoping for some more.

The colors on the sky are giving signs of the polar night approaching. The Sun is not rising high and the landscape is filled with beautiful shades.


Start of a snow scooter safari


It is a proper winter in Kilpisjärvi and even the Sun will finally be above the horizon tomorrow, after six weeks of polar night. There’s plenty of tourist around and we just managed to get a big safari group going towards worlds most peaceful border, the border of three countries.

It is a perfect day for snow scootering! We think it is time also for you to book your own safari in Kilpisjärvi!

Season slowly starting!

(c) Ester van Dam

(c) Ester van Dam

The snowy season is slowly heading on our way. Kilpisjärvi lake is still open, but the main fells are starting to get a gentle snow cover. Northern lights, or Revontulet as they are mentioned are flowing in the night skies making the view magical almost every night.

There are still some free times available for the high season safaris, on Christmas Holiday period and during the beat spring seasons. Do remember to contact us and book your safaris and unforgettable experiences in the Finnish wilderness!