Northern lights and the magical night sky


If you search for Northern lights, Aurora Borealis, Kilpisjärvi must be your destination. Statistically, Kilpisjärvi area has more often clear night skies and northern lights than any other place in Finland. And not only that – you´ll be able to admire night skies in complete silence. There is no manmade light pollution

  • Duration: 3 hours.
  • Rates:
    • In sleigh transport: 59 € / person 
    • 1 person / 1 snowmobile: 152 € / person
    • 2 persons / 1 snowmobile: 101,50 € / person (Total 203 €)

When the skies are clear – and they often are – the Northern lights are visible on three nights out of four. Dancing, colourful lights illuminate the sky. No wonder, many aurora researcher and photographers feel home in Kilpisjärvi area.

It is possible to observe the northern lights even in the village but if you enjoy watching the night sky in total darkness you have to leave the village. Our guided tours will take you safely to the fells at midnight when the arctic night sky reveals all its secrets without any light pollution.

There is also a northern light camera located in the Kilpissafarit office. This camera takes images of the whole sky and uploads them to our webcams page every minute during the dark time of the day for you to see what is going on in the sky. If you want to see the full glory of the whole night, we have uploaded videos of some Kilpisjärvi night skies to Kilpissafarit Youtube Channel — Do have a look what could be waiting for you!

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