Observing reindeer herding


We all know what Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer does on Christmas time, but most people do not know how he and his colleagues live rest of the winter. In winter the they graze over a vast fell area, so the exact location of the herd is hard to know in advance. This tour takes you to a local reindeer farm or to the nearby mountains. Here we have an opportunity to observe reindeer herding and learn about Sami culture.

  • Duration 3 – 4 hours.
  • Rates:
    • sleigh or minibus: 89 € / person
    • 1 person / 1 snowmobile: 245 € / person
    • 2 persons / 1 snowmobile: 167 € / person (Total 334 €)

2 thoughts on “Observing reindeer herding

  1. Coenen Natacha

    I’ll be staying in Tromso beginning of February 2018, with my 3 daughters, and plan to travel to Kilpisjarvi to see the northern lights but also to have a tour with you.
    I see it’s about 4 hours tour to see the reindeer in the nature, see the landscapes and discover the farm.

    Questions now:
    1/ can we feed the animals?
    2/ about the price: low price is 78euro per person without the snowmobile? but if we prefer the snowbiles, we are 2 on 1 snowmobile, what is the price then please, for 4 (1 adult and 3 students of 20-20-14 years old).
    3/ Is your town at 3 hours by car from Tromso?

    thanks for your precious information.
    Kind regards,

    Natacha, Utah, Nell & Tara from Brussels, Belgium

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