Private aurora bubble

OloKolo Haltilla

Kilpissafarit has something special to offer for those, who wish to experience northern light in magic Lapland. The arctic night sky is something that you cannot imagine until you experience it yourself.

Olokolo is an innovative way to observe the wonders of nocturnal sky. Olokolo is a see-through polycarbonate bubble, a combination of observatory and a sleigh. Olokolo can be pulled by snowmobile to the very best northern lights observation sites in Finland. Olokolo has adjustable heating system, so you can enjoy the glory of the arctic sky in warm conditions!

What makes Olokolo tour so unique in Kilpisjärvi area is the fact that you will be surrounded by snow-covered fells and no artificial light or light pollution what so ever. Kilpissafarit will transport you outside the village to the location depending on weather conditions.

Olokolo is equipped with led lights, adjustable heater, beanbags or, when overnight, sleeping bags and reindeer skins.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 15 km
  • Rate: 299 € / for 1 – 4 persons


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