The Border of three Nordic countries

Kolmen valtakunnan rajapyykki

This is the all-time fastest and easiest Scandinavian tour: it takes less than a minute to visit three countries. The yellow border mark of Finland, Sweden and Norway stands about 15 kilometers from Kilpisjärvi village in Koltavuoma. This is called the world´s most peaceful border. Snowmobile trail runs from Kilpisjärvi to Koltavuoma mostly on frozen lake and follows the border of Finland and Sweden, winding by the side of Malla strict Nature Reserve. On the way back we take a coffee break.

If you want to try driving a snowmobile, this excursion is ideal for beginners. It is easier, however, to take a ride in a sleigh.

  • The whole tour takes about three hours.
  • Prices:
    • 55 € / person in sleigh transport
    • 1 person / 1 snowmobile: 179 € / person
    • 2 persons / 1 snowmobile: 111,50 € / person (Total 223 €)